Axis partner Richard Paton welcomes cash control expert Charlotte Parry to the team, at a crucial time for businesses.

22 January 2010

Every New Year brings with it a sense of optimism. Admittedly it may be guarded this time around; surviving last year was an achievement in itself. But nevertheless, now that the thaw is in full swing we can approach 2010 with the vigour that we had planned.

I imagine that by now many New Year resolutions have been well and truly broken. Whether it’s going to the gym, not drinking until Friday lunchtime or being nice to the next door neighbour, none of us expected to get much further than the eighth did we?

But in business the one promise that we must deliver on is to turn our orders into cash as quickly as possible. Cash used to be king – it’s now some sort of deity. And one of the consequences of an upturn in the economy is that this most precious resource runs out as sales increase.

Which is why I am delighted to welcome Charlotte Parry to our team, as she brings with her a wealth of experience in effective management of the cash cycle. Charlotte is the right person to help businesses oversee work in progress, invoice in a timely way and liaise with clients to ensure that relationships are strengthened before collecting the cash.

Not only does Charlotte bolster our team, she can also help yours.

At a time when you are rightly focussing your energy on ways of turning your orders into cash this can be a real distraction. If you don’t employ a credit controller then you know how quickly you can get sucked into debt collection activity. While you’re on the phone to a client it’s easy to get involved in a financial conversation that you hadn’t originally intended. And then your relationship has changed.

Many businesses that started by outsourcing payroll have moved on to other areas such as health and safety and HR. A logical next step is towards the irksome function of ledger management. All you need to do is process the customer order and then send it to Charlotte, who will then:

  • Process the order onto your client’s system
  • Speak to your client to maintain confidence
  • Chase late payments with professionalism and empathy
  • Advise you of payment

Charlotte will also manage your purchase ledger, liaise with your creditors and create payment runs as required.

Outsourcing your sales ledger management can be cost effective and a boost to business, allowing you to spend your time on the activities that will help your business to grow.

And while New Year hangovers are a distant memory, you don’t need another unwelcome headache!

Posted  22 January 2010


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