Don't be an old Dinosaur

01 December 2010

Would you believe that an estimated 1.5 million businesses in the UK still don’t have a web presence? 1.5 million! The rapidly multiplying population of social media companies (they probably outnumber window cleaners now) might well be feeding in our city centres – but hand over a business card without a web address on it and you risk having people looking at you as if you were wearing flares and a tank top. At best they’ll ask you whether you still need a side car to carry your mobile phone.

But if you’re one of the embarrassed 1.5 million, getting a website doesn’t mean you have to spend hour after hour listening to a spotty IT youngster called Dan drone on about cookies and flashes, and might as well be speaking Russian. And even if you do, it might be worth it …

Let’s face it, ignoring the opportunities a strong web presence confers means that you might lose out on some big growth opportunities.

Web experts estimate that businesses that use the internet are growing four times more rapidly than those that don’t. Now of course they may have a vested interest but they’re difficult to argue against when you consider that 2/3 of the population has internet access - even in Burnley.

So maybe it’s time to spend a little money to enable your business to join the 21st century. Competitive advantage was never more critical and saving cash by staying off the web is surely a false economy for many.

For our part at Axis, we’re taking the next step and will be inviting guest bloggers from the business community to share thoughts and success.

And you can now follow us on Twitter, where we’ll be giving quick updates on matters of commercial and fiscal importance as well as business news.

Stuart Wilkin writes for Insider

Posted  01 December 2010


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