August 2009

Why Vince Cable should head up the Met Office - predicting the weather is a serious responsibility

This week the Nationwide has reported that house prices have risen for three consecutive months. And there is more glee on the Stock Market which surged extremely close to its highest point for a year, encouraged by some better than expected cor... Read More »

Posted  01 August 2009

Football’s Financial Funny farm

Well it doesn’t seem like two minutes since the much loved Ronaldo headed off to sunnier and wealthier climes to fulfil his childhood dream. And John Terry resisted the vulgar lure of a wheelbarrow of wonga to snub Manchester and stay in t... Read More »

Posted  12 August 2009

Don't let absenteeism make you ill

When the government’s swine flu hotline opened in July the centre was inundated with 100,000 new cases and clearly the pandemic had reached our shores. Thankfully the following week only a third of that number had been stricken, or had the... Read More »

Posted  12 August 2009

"We have recently moved our business account to AXIS, after being a client of our previous accountants for o..."

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